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About us

 My name is Grigoriy Zhivov, I am the president and CEO of Kopfgescheit Limited (Hong Kong), which exists since 2007. We are engaged in developing and manufacturing automatic sanitary ware. Our motto is "to be one step ahead of our competitors." We do not copy other people's ideas - we create a new vision of automation equipment in plumbing.

 It was we who first developed and replaced the mechanical unit of forced water flushing for toilets into the electronic one. This significantly improved the device reliability.

 It was we who first developed and applied the electrical generator powered by water proceeding through our device to generate the electricity that feeds the device electronics. This allowed us to abandon the external power supply.

 It was we who first developed the electric charge sensor for automatic (patented) sanitary ware and applied it in automatic urinals. This greatly improved the reliability, ease of use and vandal proof security of the urinal.

 It was we who first developed a new production technology for "Monolith" sink spouts from innovative composite materials (patented). This allowed us to repeatedly raise their performance characteristics without cost increase.

 And finally, it was we who invented and developed the toilet for cats - PetWC (patented).

 Kopfgescheit Ltd Company has its office in Hong Kong and production facilities in China, in Jiangmen. We also have an artificial stone factory in Russia.

 Due to the fact that I am a Russian citizen, until recently, we have worked only in Russia and the CIS. The products of our company have gained its rightful place among the competitors because of the unique innovations, the highest quality and reasonable price. Our products are used in such places as: Olympic facilities in Sochi (the 2014 Winter Olympics), JSC (OAO) Gazprom , McDonald's (Moscow).

 The first PetWC toilet model sales in Russia have showed a great interest in the device at all cat owners. Daily we receive a large number of pre-orders for the new device model in which all the previous model shortcomings will be eliminated. Therefore, we decided to enter the international market with the product. To study the demand and receipt of pre-orders for PetWC, we put our proposal on website - if you are interested in this unique product, you can visit the website and make secure pre-order. We are confident that our products will be highly appreciated by customers all over the world.


After receiving your order we will contact you.